la porte brune | The Door to Culinary Enlightenment

Our Ethos

La Porte Brune, has come forth from passion, not from obsession.  In a day when the culinary unenlightened are herding to troughs of food at chains and uninspired local restaurants in a fervor for quantity over quality, La Porte Brune wants to reset the American Way by bringing the art of dining back to the culinary enlightened.

In a world of frozen, pre-cooked, pre-portioned and and I don’t care where my meal comes from as long as it is big and cheap, we intend to slow it down a little. Food truly farm to table, simple in approach, refined in flavor and with every plate prepared with a passion for the ingredient rather then the almighty dollar.

If this is describes your perfect meal well then, you have stepped through the right door.

These meals will be presented in a tasting format and family style. They will move from location to location, never stopping at the same place twice.  You will sit at communal tables and share your experiences with friends and strangers alike, all coming together over the perfect union of food and wine.

Those brave souls on the list will receive an e-mail detailing the nights events. You will be given the address a few nights prior to the event, not before. Prepayment is required. No bill will be presented.

So, what do you think? Tell us your thoughts, suggestions, concerns. Whatever you would like to share about the ethos of la porte brune, we want to hear. Leave your comments below. Thanks!